Thursday, June 21, 2012

Internal frame

Things are moving along on board #2. I put down a layer of 4 oz fiberglass and epoxy on the inside of the top deck and placed the frame cross pieces in. I was going to do a spine up the middle, but it doesn't look necessary. Placed a block inside for the center fin, which will also provide support under my back foot. Just finishing up the bottom skin, and will lay it up over the weekend. Still lighter than the first board, but is getting heavier...hopefully, when I shape the rails I'll be able to take some weight off.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Board update etc.

Really busy at the moment, but am taking some time to throw up some progress pics (and few other seasonal snaps). I built up the rails of the board and planed them down into a rough foil. I have some adjustments to make, but it's looking OK so far. I am now putting together the pieces for the internal frame. 

The waves have been great, nice swell and sunny conditions. Caught some fun ones over the last week, and must say it's been a great stress release from a busy work schedule. The pics below are from Kako, my local spot here in Noboribetsu (3 minutes from my door). Didn't take the wood board on the big days, didn't want kill myself or anyone else with it (rode my Chronic instead). Hopefully this one will be light enough to take out in the bigger surf.  

The flowers are out in the yard...it's starting to feel like summer.