Sunday, October 21, 2012

Avocado trees, well endowed tomatoes, and big waves...

Responding to various requests, I'm throwing up a few pics.

First, the avocado tree that actually started growing from a seed I put in my garden (it's now been put in a pot and will be live in my office over the winter).

The best day of the year for waves...last month. Got out with two other guys and had it all to our selves. Lots of people came to look but no one wanted to come in. The key was picking the ones that stayed open...awesome day.

I had some unusual tomatoes this year...I hope its not from radiation...

 It been a beautiful fall...how blue does the sky get in Hokkaido? This blue.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Board 4....last of the year

Finished up board four and already have taken it out for a couple sessions. It rode really well, by far the best so far. Takes off and catches waves really well. The rails and outline turned out to be a little off, but the weight and overall feel of the board is the best so far. This time I used a new vent I got from Wood Surfboard Supply, and it works like a charm...really easy to install. I like it better than the Goretex vent I used on the other boards, it feels really tight when riding, almost like an inflated ball, and after your session when you open the vent the air hisses out and the board seems to "relax" a bit. Pretty simple mechanical setup, but it seems to work really well.

For those in the family wondering what the black Japanese character is on the board, it is a black (Kuro), tree (ki), meaning Kuroki, a tribute to a little town in Saskatchewan and to wooden  board building in general...who would have thought that this particular bundle of genes would have passed through a little farm town in the Canadian prairies named after a Japanese general to a life in Hokkaido...ah the beauty of chance and providence.  

That's it for board building for the winter, but will be planning for the next build after the thaw. Time to wrap up my thesis anyway, so its the perfect time to take bit of time off and get back to the research grind. I will, however, try to keep this updated with winter surf pics from Hokkaido.

6'8" Twin Fish: Paulownia and Red Cedar

The new vent