Sunday, March 11, 2012

reshaping and sanding

Got some more work done on the board this week. After chambering the center of the board last weekend, I took another look at the outline, and decided that the round tail wasn't really doing it for me. Since I had left the nose and tail solid, I decided to go with a swallow tail (despite wanting to try something new). I also tapered it down with a single set of wings to keep volume in the middle, but still narrow down the tail. The pics below are from right after reshaping, and a bit of sanding. I sanded after this for a few hours, and at long last it is looking ridable. Weight now is down to 9 kilo. The arial view shows how much sawdust and wood chips are accumlating in my yard, can't wait for the grass to come up...

Surfed a couple times last week, still snow on the ground, but it warmed up to +4...I actually surfed without a hood Thursday and Friday but suffured from some serious slurpee headaches when my head went under. The shape of the waves are pretty funky at this point this year, but it was still pretty fun.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Beautiful weekend, finished shaping the board on Saturday, then chambered on Sunday. Drilled out the four corners of each chamber section then jig sawed between each hole. At the moment I'm sitting at 11.5 kilos for the board, but there's still a lot of meat on the bone so I'll keep at it. I'd like to get it under 9 kilos if possible. As usual, da cats were on hand supervising... Oh yeah, some great waves on Friday afternoon, forgot my camera though, next time...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

board update: shaping

I finished my blank, and have taken it from my office to home to begin shaping. The first picture is half the blank ready to go. I've decided to try to shape the board without gluing it up first. I didn't want to mess with tearing the wood apart to chamber it, so I've run a couple pieces of dowling through the board and clamp it up while shaping. If I run a couple big clamps under the board, things stay pretty tight and I can get full length passes with the planer. This way I can also stop and pull the aboard apart and check thickness and shape by looking at cross sections. Today I had a good run at it, and just need a bit more cleaning up of the outline and I'll be ready to chamber.

The green board is the basic template I'm working from. The kittens on the deck are Ping and Pong, two cats that emerged out of the mountain sasa (bamboo) and now live in my shed. As I don't have a lock on my shed I figure they could be guard cats for my boards, bikes and tools. Don't mess with the Da Cats....

snow and surf

To close out February we've had record snow and some decent surf (at last). Nice uncrowded conditions. You've gotta love this season in Hokkaido when the sun comes out and the waves are up.