Sunday, July 22, 2012


Board number 2 is finished and out the door...actually, I took it out for a few waves this morning. The conditions were a bit steep and fast for the board, but looks like it'll be fun. It's got more float, and takes off quicker than the first one. Still, it's heavy (about 11 kilos)...but should be fun in the small summer waves. Here the line on it:  
7' x 23" x 3.13" single diamond tail; hollow wood (paulownia and cedar). 

One of these days I'll get some pics of the wood boards in action.  

Friday, July 20, 2012

Board #2, almost there...

Just finishing up board number two. One more coat of varnish on the bottom and I'll be done...here's a quick shot of the finished top. I'll post more complete pics soon...I'm throwing up a pic of a young "Ezo shika" (Hokkaido deer), who was plowing down on the grass outside the kitchen Sunday morning...cute little guy eh....

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Started glassing the deck today. Will be going with a single layer of 4 oz. cloth all around; the board itself is really strong as is, so a heavy glass job is not going to be necessary. The paulownia and cedar are coming out really nicely, good contrast and the grains in the paulownia really jump out.

Rode wood board #1 in some fun, but windy, chest high waves this morning. It really cuts through the wind chop well, really fun for down-the-line surfing in those types of conditions. Stalls big time on cut backs, but if you keep it going horitizontally it can be a lot of fun.

Next update when the glassing's done... 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gluing up the bottom

About time for an update...got the bottom skin glued on, so now have a proper blank to work with. I shaped the rails, and have been sanding this week. It's not as light as I hoped, but due to nature of the build it has a lot of volume carried out to the rails so should float pretty well for its size. I just got my shipment of System Three epoxy and varnish, so should be ready to glass in a week or so.

 It's been beautiful here, and we've had good waves over the last couple weeks. Here's a pic of the homestead and my "shaping shed"... gotta love that Hokkaido greenery...not your typical image of life in Japan.