Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Wow, we're famous here in Noboribetsu, at least for the day...we're top national news thanks to being blacked out from a crazy storm we had yesterday and a giant power transformer/tower crashing over a national highway. Luckily, only a few people ended up with minor injuries. According to the Hokkuden (Hokkaido Electric), we'll be without power for the next three days.

Time to fire up the BBQ and have a bit of a yakiniku party before the meat goes bad. Full story available here:


We're going to tough this one out at home (even though they have set up an emergency center a block away in the Noboribestu Community Center). We have power at work, so no problem there...we can shower, eat etc. at the university, and then just head home to sleep...it all should all be straightened out by Friday, fingers crossed...

(NHK news photo)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall session on Board 4

Out this morning on the 6'8" fish. Still over 10 degrees here, with stiff offshores and a declining swell. The waves were small, but clean. I haven't been riding this one much recently because the swell has been up, but today was the perfect chance, small and nobody else out. The board caught waves really well, and rode nicely in the pocket. It's buoyancy is really fantastic...the only problem is the rails, but can't do anything about that right now, so I'll just keep on riding it as is. 
Snow forecast for Sunday, time to dust off the hood...    

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall Update

It's been a bit of a weird fall weather-wise, some beautiful stretches of days punctuated by some crazy rain and wind. The result has been some really nice sessions with glorious waves and decent weather. The sand at the rivermouth at Kako has shifted resulting in a heavier inside section. Last Friday caught some of the heaviest waves of the year, got some really fun rides, took some serious beatings, and am still smiling about it...only two people out...

This morning, had a fun day at Kanesan-mae, the weather has been fantastic...The left here breaking back towards the point was a lot of fun. Everyone else was going right, so I had it all to myself.

The repair is well underway for Board #3. I planed open the upper rail and deck area over the length of the board, then turned it over and let dry out for a couple months. Luckily, the paulownia wood came as advertised, and appeared to dry nicely and doesn't look to have warped or sucked up any water. I am now gluing up new pieces and sanding them down. It gave me a chance to thin out rails, which is something I wanted to do anyways...looks like this one will get a chance to ride again... 
As a last note, Ping and Pong are still in the house...or in the shed...fattening up for winter. Here's a pic of Ping with my new camera (Canon S100). I usually take pics with a SLR, but needed something smaller for travel. Been playing with the S100 over the last couple weeks, and really like it. Ping helped me test it out by posing for a few shots.