Saturday, September 21, 2013

back home again, sup report, and repair

Back home after two weeks and a couple of conferences in Europe. Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Antwerp and Mont St Michel were definite high points...as was the Dutch and Belgian beer and those tasty frites. Unfortunately, was not close to any surf, but the time off was probably good for my body after surfing pretty well every day for the last few months. Good to get out and see new stuff too, here's me at Mont St Michel:

Returned home to some solid swell. It got up to about head high and a half, the perfect size before the waves start closing out. Tuesday was probably the best day of the year, only two people out and really clean.  Here's a pic after the swell had dropped and the wind came up, still fun though...and the Hokkaido fall weather is incredible.   

Unfortunately, got some damage on my favorite board (the 6'6" diamond tail) this week. I went up high, came down in the shore break, and the nose plowed into the sand cracking the upper deck from the vent to the nose. I removed the cracked piece, dried it out, and am starting a pretty major repair. Looks pretty bad, but it is interesting to see how the inside of board looks after a season. Will post more as the repair gets underway.

And last but not least, a quick bit about the SUP. I've taken it out a couple times. It works OK, but it's pretty heavy and somewhat squirrely due to its short size. Also, I've only got wax on the deck, and find it comes off  pretty quick and gets slippery after about 30 minutes. I need a deck pad, and then should be good to go. The paddle works awesome.

I'll post more on the repair, and a rail rebuild I have underway, when I get some time. In the meantime I'll be enjoying Hokkaido's finest season.