Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ready to go

The SUP is ready to go, I just need to finish up the paddle with one more coat of epoxy and I should be ready for a test run on Saturday. I don't have a deck pad at the moment, so I'll just use wax while trialing it and making sure it floats me. Pretty excited about giving this a go.
I'll update the blog this weekend to report back on how it goes.

Final dimensions: 8'5"X 32.5' X 4.75"

Monday, August 19, 2013

Getting there...and summer surf

I'm finally getting there with the SUP. I've finished the top coat, now I just need to sand that smooth, and apply a clear acrylic finish coat. Of course, then I need to put in the vent. The paddle needs a couple more coats of epoxy, then sanding and the final clear coat. Here are some pics as she sits at the moment. Can't wait to take her for a ride...hope she floats me.

Pretty well every morning of the year I park my car, walk down along this river to the Horobetsu River rivermouth (kako), and the closer I get to the end the more complete the picture is of that day's surf.  Here's a step-by-step look at this morning's set-up...nice little waist-high lefts you could take right across, with the occasional bigger set. It is, quite simply, summer bliss. Yesterday, it was much the same with only me and a buddy out. There's no place I'd rather be when it's like this...

Friday, August 16, 2013

Ready for glassing

Finished up sanding and have started to glass. Here's a pick of the board and paddle ready to go:

I'm using six ounce fiberglass mat this time and it really feels heavy compared to the four ounce I usually use. I thought a little more strength would be better for a SUP. The first coat on the deck wetted out nicely, I like the light color of the paulownia I used this time.
Changed up my logo up a bit this time, I'm pretty sure the angled letters will make the board go faster...check it out:
More updates to come as I finish up the glassing.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The SUP is taking shape

Got the deck done and ran the planer over the blank this evening. I seems huge compared to the other boards I ride, but it is pretty exciting mowing down on something this big. Much to the chagrin of the neighbours, and my wife, the planer ran loud and proud for about an hour; there might be something wrong with the thing as it is bloody loud -- it drowns out the backhoes working across the street.  Luckily for all involved I'm done with it and will be sanding only.from tomorrow. Good progress though, hopefully I'll be ready to glass by the weekend. Fun surf for the last couple days too, gotta love the summer...

Monday, August 5, 2013

SUP update

The SUP is coming along. I'm now laying up the deck pieces and fitting things together. I've put a few foam blocks under where the fins will be, and across the middle where I'll be standing. I hope they provide more contact and glue points for the deck and keep things firm in the middle.

The paddle has taken shape. It needs a bit more sanding and shaping of the handle, but it looks alright. I read that the blade should be at about a 15 degree angle, but I only managed 11 or 12...oh well, shouldn't make that big of difference for puttering around and catching small waves. I'm not sure what the glassing the schedule should be, I'll go heavy on the blade and see how that goes...if I could only get my hands on some carbon that would be the way to go.

I'll update again when the deck is done and I clean things up a bit...