Saturday, December 28, 2013

Last session of 2013...?

We're at the end December here, and it's looking like today may have been my last session for 2013. Things have been pretty wind blown for the last few days, but it cleaned up nicely today. It was well under zero, especially with the wind chill, but the sun was out and it actually felt somewhat warm. Beautiful conditions actually with the blue sky and green waves.
It's been a great year, can't wait for the next!
Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Swell December

After a great November, the first half of December was slow. That's usually the case here with winter surf in Hokkaido as the north winds and low pressure systems that track over from Siberia tend to blow things out. The last week, however, has been really good, got in five straight days. Several days we had overhead surf and clean conditions. Below are some picks from this morning; it was small, the swell has dropped quite a bit, but was still clean and fun enough. Cold though...the temp was under zero; you can see that the tetrapods have frozen over with the fresh water flowing out of Horobetsu River. Hopefully we can get in a few more sessions before hitting the warm waves of Hawaii in January... Mele Kalikimaka... 

Tail end of a winter swell at Kako
Frozen terapods