Sunday, September 23, 2012

Board #4

Well, I finished the 6'7" single fin and took it out for it's first run. Pretty small day, maybe thigh high, but pretty clean and a beautiful day (still trunkable here). Didn't think it would be enough board for the day, but I was pleasantly surprised. The reduced weight really made paddling easier, and it pumped and went smoothly down the line. Unfortunately, there was something up with the vent, I guess I didn't screw it down tight enough, and quite a bit of water got in the board. It's since been  drained and is drying out. A bummer, but my own fault...hopefully  I can can salvage it.

I'm under way on board number 4, my last for the year... I'd like to get this one done and up and riding before the snow starts falling. I started by making a frame this time, this seems to be the most popular approach, so I thought I'd give it a go. It was interesting making the frame, lots to think about. After making the frame, I laid up the bottom, and have started to build up the rails. I'm working off a 6'10" fish template, but have shortened it down to 6'8". I'll post again when I get the rails done.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Board 3: Finishing

Just finishing up board #3. No glass this time, just a few coats of spar varnish and we'll see how that goes. The board is already way lighter than the others, in terms of both weight and the finish color. When I get it done I'll throw up some finished pics. I made some big mistakes in terms of not using enough wood in rails, and thus limiting the amount of shaping I could do on them...but, as a test board I'm pleased that I'm finally getting the weight down, let's just hope the varnish finish will be enough to keep the water out.

Paulownia with cedar stringer 

Board #3, a 6'7" single fin