Monday, November 30, 2015

Overdue update

Wow, I haven't written on here since August, time for an update. Lots of travelling, surfing and work has had me busy over the last few months. We've had some nice waves over that time, a bit more inconsistent than usual for this season, but some excellent days nonetheless. A couple of big late October storms blew the sand down the beach at Kako, shifting the peak quite a bit. We had a couple big days in November, and I blew my back out on one of them...happily back in saddle after a couple of weeks off though, and have enjoyed a number of cold sunny small days at Gyokyo in late November. I'm sitting at 212 sessions for the season, it would be nice to hit 220, but we'll see... It's December 1st today and the snow is falling, time to get out the hood and shift to winter surfing. Here's some autumn pics that capture the season here in Iburi...

The Kako right has emerged with the shifting sand

Nice Gyokyo

Tight lines at Kako
Autumn sake

Washibetsu gyokyo shrine, the place to pray for waves

In Japan even the graffiti is nice...gotta love this place