Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Wow, we're famous here in Noboribetsu, at least for the day...we're top national news thanks to being blacked out from a crazy storm we had yesterday and a giant power transformer/tower crashing over a national highway. Luckily, only a few people ended up with minor injuries. According to the Hokkuden (Hokkaido Electric), we'll be without power for the next three days.

Time to fire up the BBQ and have a bit of a yakiniku party before the meat goes bad. Full story available here:


We're going to tough this one out at home (even though they have set up an emergency center a block away in the Noboribestu Community Center). We have power at work, so no problem there...we can shower, eat etc. at the university, and then just head home to sleep...it all should all be straightened out by Friday, fingers crossed...

(NHK news photo)

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