Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Board Plan

After considering the options (HWS or chambered), I've decided to go with chambered as I really want to "shape" the board, and want to choose a build option where I don't necessarily have to glass it. This is basically what I will be attempting:

My first step is selecting wood. I've decided to go with Albasia Falcata, basically becuase it is light, strong, and a very sustainable type of wood. I haven't seen other boards made with falcata, but it appears similar to Paulonia (but perhaps a bit lighter). Here's a rundown on the charcteristics of albasia fulcata:
I can get the falcata in 6 foot lengths at my local home center, but it is only in 13 mm thicknesses. So, I plan on gluing three of these up, with one foot extensions, to make my own 7 foot boards. Here's a pic what the wood looks like. Most of it is quite light coloured, while some is pinkish brown. Making the boards for the blank is my going to take a bit of time. Basically, I want to make and glue up one at a time, slow and easy.
While waiting for the glue to dry I'll be getting stuck into this bit of ongoing inspiration:

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