Tuesday, May 7, 2013

6'7" Mini Noserider

Been busy riding the new board and am now working on yet another...just can't stop making these things. The one underway now is a 6'7" mini noserider. I've been looking long and hard at Linden's Compressor Model and wanted to make something similar for myself. The "blank" is done (framed and hollow like the last one), so now it's time to smooth things out and shape the rails. I'll post more pics when it's shaped and ready to glass.
The 6'6" diamond tail has been working well, it goes surprisingly good in the small surf considering it's size. Width and thickness appears to be the way go. It has been my go to board for the last few weeks. 
It's been cool here in Hokkaido, and the surf not so great recently...that said, still got out four times last week and am just super happy that the snow is gone. Next week we should get our cherry blossoms here in Noboribetsu.  
Pics of the new project: 

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