Monday, February 17, 2014

Decent February waves

We've had some decent waves this month, and a couple of huge days as well.. I was out four times last week, which is pretty good for February. The waves at Gyokyo were really fun, not big, but lined up really nice. The dredger was out dredging the entrance to the fishing port. Unfortunately, less sand means less wave action at Gyokyo, and while I got it good on Thursday, the clean left will probably turn to closeouts the more they dredge. Oh well, I still have Kako in Noboribetsu, but I'll miss the "warm" sheltered goodness of Gyokyo as a winter getaway spot. 

Speaking of Kako, it was full-on Hawaiian style a couple days last week. Mark took this picture below of huge stand up barrels peeling off the tetrapods; good luck paddling out and dodging the ice chunks flowing out of the river mouth. Yesterday was even bigger. The two low pressure systems that brought Tokyo its most snow in 20 years rolled up to Hokkaido producing unreal short period swell action. Some of the old timers said the conditions were "once in ten years", but they lasted less than a day each, with the waves going from huge to flat in a matter of hours. 

Nice pic Mark

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