Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Belated Happy New Year

Boy, January sure is going fast. After getting in for my first surf of the year on New Year’s day, I headed off for a week in Hawaii. Town was pretty consistent for this time of year, so I happily got my fill out at Three’s and Kaiser’s… it was so nice to shed the winter wetsuit. This year I was stoked to run across Eddie Aikau’s board at the Quikilver shop on Kalakaua. I spent probably an hour looking at it and running my hands along the rails…just a thing of beauty and power. It’s so nice of the Aikau’s to let the public see it. Each year I go into that shop to look at the beautiful Takayama “Pacific System’s Homes” styled board they have in there, and now they’ve also got a nice agave gun (I think it’s a Downing). Really nice stuff. Gets me thinking about what to build this year.

New Year's day surf...

 Eddie's board. It's crazy watching tourists walk past this without a second glance, it's probably the most famous board in the history of surfing. When I saw it I stopped dead in my tracks. I feel so lucky, I never thought I'd actually get to see it.
My builds for 2014. What to make in 2015?...hmmmmm...

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