Sunday, May 27, 2012

Board #2

I've got board #2 under way. I wanted to try a different building approach than the chambered design I used on the first board. Hopefully I can get the weight down on this one. I drew up a plan for a framed hollow board, but then ran across this link at Swaylocks:

Here's a pic of the basic Flama approach which I'm going to use for this board.

So, I've already got my wood (Japanese kirizai and western red cedar), and have laid out and glued up the deck. I am now building the rails up, and will gradually add an internal frame. When that's done I'll build the bottom skin and press and glue it all together and shape the rails...at least that's the plan. I'm planning a diamond tail single fin, just under 7'...here some pics of my progress so far.
 The wood: Japanese Kirizai (Paulownia), and western red cedar.

 From the back
 From the nose

Building up the rails (5 cm wide to allow for shaping)

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